• Motorization is available for most types of window treatments including blinds, shades, draperies as well as movie screens and awnings
  • Motorized shades while once an extravagant luxury, are becoming mainstream and economical to install
  • Covers supplies world leading Somfy motorization and automation as well as our own Signature series motors
  • Motors can be controlled with radio frequency (RTS "Radio Technology Somfy"), infrared (IF) or hard wire control.
  • Control options depend on many factors including the number of motorized shades/draperies, RF interference and whether a home automation system is being used.
  • Motors are powered by battery packs, Somfy Wirefree Solar Packs, power adapters or direct wired to the electrical supply.
  • Systems are available for independent windows/rooms, whole homes or commercial buildings
  • It is important to consult with us early in the construction stage for new home construction and/or renovations if motorized window coverings are a consideration

Somfy Motorization

Somfy is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems for retractable awnings, rolling shutters, interior shades, blinds, projection screens and other lift-up applications for the home.

Motorize your home to not only create a more comfortable life but to also save energy and lower your utility bills! Home Automation is a simple and easy solution for energy savings!

Easily adjust hard-to-reach window coverings. 

  • Conveniently manage glare
  • Automatically protect furnishings
  • Instantly create privacy
  • Increase security
  • Reduce energy costs

World leader since 1969


Limited time Offer

NEXT GENERATION MOTORS SPECIALLY PRICED - JUST $199* each for a limited time with shade purchase

All new internal battery motor. 1 Nm power for heavy shades up to 96" x 96".
-Exclusive design with precision metal gearing
-Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery (lasts 6-8 months between charges)
-Exclusive band RF remote - works better without interference like other systems
* min. of one remote and charger required (sold separately)