Warranty Policy 

All products sold by Covers® are covered by various manufacturer warranty policies. Please refer to the specific warranty policy and procedures of the manufacturer.

All products fabricated by Covers®, including Prestige™ brand Quality Home Fashions are covered for the period indicated below. Products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period indicated, provided that: 1) such products are properly installed in accordance with the instructions, 2) they are installed in a residential dwelling and, 3) they have not been modified or altered in any way.

This warranty does not cover damage to the product resulting from misuse, abuse, alterations, dry cleaning, ultrasonic or other cleaning methods, improper washing, colour change or fading due to sunlight exposure or warping or de-lamination due to heat and/or humidity. This warranty does not apply to natural features of the fabric/material (such as bamboo, woven woods, silk etc) or conditions caused by normal wear and tear.

Dye lots vary within industry acceptable tolerances. Colours of fabrics, woods and natural products may vary from samples and may not match previous purchases. Dye lot variations are not covered by warranty.

In the event of a defect under this warranty, Covers will repair or replace the product at its sole option. We do not cover shipping charges and/or labour costs for removal, packaging and re-installation. Repairs will be made with like or similar product subject to availability.

Warranty Guidelines

Product/Component   Warranty Coverage Period
Moving parts, head-rails, components    3 Years
Drapery & Bedding Fabrics   1 Year
Sheer fabrics   1 Year
Cording Systems    3 Years
Chain drive Mechanisms   3 Years
Wood and Faux Wood slats   1 Year
Woven Woods - Bamboo    1 Year
Aluminum Blinds    3 Years
Vertical Blinds    1 Year
Vertical Track/Slider Track    3 Years
Woodwinds Shutters   Unavailable – Product no longer supported
Prestige Poly Silk Shutters     15 Years

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities, warranties either written or verbal. In no event shall Covers be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost or fee.

Products returned for warranty consideration must be brought or shipped to the store at the owner’s sole risk and expense. Products must be returned to the store clean and properly package to prevent damage in shipping/handling.

* This policy does not apply to commercial products. The Warranty for commercial products is specified at time of quotation.